Episode #36: The Dauphin

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Episode #36: The Dauphin

Post  BoG on Sun Mar 14, 2010 2:55 pm

THE DAUPHIN - episode #10 of 2nd season / Air Date: 2/20/89
written by Scott Rubenstein, Leonard Mlodinow; Directed by Rob Bowman

Wesley gets a crush on a girl. Of course, this is Wesley, which means this spells trouble for the ship. Also, this isn't really a girl; she is the Dauphin. What? She's the assigned ruler of a planet, designated to bring peace to two warring factions (there are a lot of these warring factions in the 24th century, it seems). This 'girl' is accompanied by a stern governess, Anya, who is also not what she seems. Anya turns out to be an allasomorph. What? Well, that's a creature which can morph, as in change, into other lifeforms. Soon enuff, Worf finds himself in a wrestling match which he may not win.
This is a little better than I would expect, as there are some revelations, but you also have Wesley mooning over the girl, a couple of cheesy-looking monsters (right out of TOS), the spectacle of Worf in a macho contest with an old lady and the now-tired plot of a young ruler being forced into responsibilities which she may not really desire.
Some of this is plain silly - to  say that Anya is overprotective is putting it mildly; her over-reaction in sickbay is over-the-top. And, why would Wesley ask Worf about romantic advice? Worf's answer is amusing but also ridiculous. Of course, Wesley asks almost everyone for advice and this is tiresome, including wise old Guinan's involvement. BoG's Score: 5 out of 10

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