Unknown World (1951)

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Unknown World (1951)

Post  BoG on Wed Mar 03, 2010 5:07 pm

FreeClassicMovies wrote:Released on October 26, 1951: It is the atomic age, and the atom bomb can be used to destroy the world, so a scientific team determines to save civilization by drilling for a new home in the center of the earth.
Directed by Terry O. Morse
Written by Millard Kaufman.
The Actors: Bruce Kellogg (Wright Thompson), Otto Waldis (Doctor Max A. Bauer), Jim Bannon (Andy Ostergaard), Tom Handley (Doctor James Paxton), Dick Cogan (Doctor George Coleman), George Baxter (Carlisle Foundation), Marilyn Nash (Doctor Joan Lindsey), Victor Kilian (Doctor Jeremiah Morley), Harold Miller (Carlisle Foundation).
FreeClassicMovies wrote:It is 1951 - The big war is over, the world is at peace, but fears of this new Atomic Age prey on the minds of people all over the world. Today where I live every Saturday at noon I can hear a loud siren that blares for more than a minute. It is the city's way of warning in case of a violent storm or tornado. Back in the post war years, as a very young boy, I remember every Wednesday evening at 9pm in Meadville, Pennsylvania I would hear a similar siren. But it was not to test a warning system for violent storms; it was to test the system that would warn us if war or nuclear attack was imminent. I remember thinking, "I know that this is just a test, but what if those evil Russians picked Wednesday night at 9pm to REALLY attack, and in a few minutes I would be vaporized by an atomic bomb?" Well, I'm still here, and we've never had an atomic war, but the fears of a young boy still remain in the corners of my mind.

This sci-fi movie opens with the picture of an atomic blast, and a description of the world on the edge of destruction because of this new powerful destructive force. A team of noted scientists have concluded that the only salvation for mankind is to drill to the center of the earth and create a new living space deep below the destructive force of the Atomic Bomb. But isn't the center of the earth molten? Of course not, one scientist explains. The center of the earth is a bit cooler than the surface, and full of caves and open spots that could be turned into new underground cities. Cool! Things were so much simpler in the 1950's. And this was the period when pharmaceutical drug companies were creating 'pills' that could cure anything, so I wasn't surprised when I saw that meals for this journey to the center of the earth consisted of pills. How modern!

FreeClassicMovies wrote:Make your white kernel popcorn, put plenty of butter on it, and enjoy a peek at what folk in 1951 thought was cutting edge science adventure as they tunnel to the center of the earth, and encounter all kinds of crises and adversary.
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