Episode #102: Darmok

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Episode #102: Darmok

Post  BoG on Mon Mar 15, 2010 9:24 pm

DARMOK - episode #2 of 5th season / Air Date: 9/30/91
written by Joe Menosky, Phillip LaZebnik; Directed by Winrich Kolbe

Tamarians send signal. Enterprise hears - crew prepare. Above El-Adrel IV - Enterprise crew and the Children of Tama. Rai and Jiri at Lungha. Rai of Lowani. Lowani under two moons. Jiri of Ubaya. Ubaya of crossed roads at Lungha. Lungha, her sky gray. Mm-hm. Hm. Rai and Jiri at Lungha. Yes? Picard in Enterprise above El-Adrel IV. Picard and Riker face The Children of Tama. Ha-ha-ha-ha! Kadir beneath Mo Moteh. Ha-ha-ha! NO! The river Temarc. In winter.

Shaka. When the walls fell. Darmok. Darmok? Rai and Jiri at Lungha! No. Shaka. When the walls fell. Zima at Anzo! Zima and Bakor! No... Darmok at Tanagra! Aii... Shaka. Mirab! His sails unfurled! No... Darmok. Mirab! ...Temarc! The river Temarc. Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.
Picard off Enterprise...  on El-Adrel IV. Darmok and Jalad. Worf thinks - contest? Darmok and Jalad. Picard and Dathon (Paul Winfield). Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra. Picard and Dathon on El-Adrel IV. Riker asks Tamarians. But... Darmok at Tanagra. Riker thinks war. Kiteo. His eyes closed. Chenza at court. The court of silence. Chenza! Riker bets and bluffs. Picard creates fire... not. Cold is Picard; Shaka..ha-ha-ha, when the walls fell... Picard of the Federation! of the Enterprise - of the planet Earth! Right? Hmf, no... Kadir beneath Mo Moteh.
Night - cold. Picard at night - on El-Adrel IV. Temba. Dathon gives fire. Temba? Temba. His arms wide. Picard... less cold. Thank you. Thank you! Worf in Shuttlecraft. Children of Tama like not Shuttlecrafts in upper atmosphere. Maneuver Delta. Careful attenuation - Riker likes nice shooting. But, Worf says Picard will be victorious. Victorious at what asks Troi. Troi & Data study.
Dathon> Dathon & Picard>
Darmok! Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra! Eh? Shaka! Temba. His arms wide. Temba. The Beast makes noise; loud noise. Rocks fall. Temba. His arms wide. Lefler works with La Forge. Lefler? Yes - Ensign Lefler (played by Ashley Judd!), who will return in The Game. Mirab. His sails unfurled? Shaka. When the walls fell! Darmok and Jalad... At Tanagra! The Beast is there - invisible, deadly. Uzani. His army at Lashmir. Wait a minute... wait a minute; was that a similar situation as this? Uzani. His army with fist open. A strategy? His army with fist closed. Ah, you site examples - that's how you communicate! With metaphor! Uzani's army with.. fist open. Yes! Sokath! His eyes uncovered!

But, don't forget the Beast. Picard and Dathon vs. the Beast. Kailash. When it rises. Oh, and... Gilgamesh & Enkidu, too. Zinda! His face black, his eyes red. No - Temarc. The river Temarc! In winter. Darmok..? And Jalad. At Tanagra. Darmok... and Jalad... on the ocean.
Picard and Dathon at El-Adrel.
So Let it be Written... So Let it Be Done. BoG's Score: 7.5 out of 10

TNG Trivia: Ashley Judd appears here as an ensign;
she would return in the same role, expanded, in The Game
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