Warning From Space (1956 Japan)

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Warning From Space (1956 Japan)

Post  BoG on Wed Mar 03, 2010 5:42 pm

FreeClassicMovies wrote:Released January 29, 1956:
Aliens from Space land in Japan and search out Dr. Kamura to warn
him of earth's destruction if the earth doesn't change their ways.
Directed by Koji Shima
Written by Jay Cipes, Gentaro Nakajima, Hideo Oguni and Edward Palmer.
The Actors: Keizo Kawasaki (Dr. Toru Itsobe), Toyomi Karita (Hikari Aozora, and Ginko), Bin Yagisawa (Number 2 Pairan),
Shozo Nanbu (the elder Dr. Itsobe), Bontaro Miake (Dr. Kamura), Mieko Nagai (Taeko Kamura)

Jimbo Berkey wrote:The Pairan creatures have been flying their saucers to the Earth island of Japan, landing in a lake, and watching and learning about earthlings. The creatures look amazingly like a five pointed star covered in cloth, with one huge eye in the center of the star. On one visit the creatures watch a stage performance of a famous beautiful dancer on stage as she performs. Back at the space station, it is decided that the scientist-creature would transmutate into the form of this human woman, and mingle with the earthlings in search of Dr. Kamura.

When this creature/woman lands on earth, she possesses super human characteristics. She is playing tennis, and can jump ten feet into the air to return a volly. She can become invisible and walk through closed doors. She has fingerprints that are blank - no pattern at all. When she finds and walks in on Dr. Kamura, she spots a sheet of paper with scientific notations on it and quickly tears it up. When the Dr. asks her what she is doing, she informs him that she can understand the formula, and the secret formula contains the knowledge of a new powerful explosive that is more powerful than the H-bomb, and he must not continue with his experiments.

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