Moon Zero Two (1969 UK)

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Moon Zero Two (1969 UK)

Post  BoG on Thu Apr 01, 2010 7:44 pm

The thing that sticks out for me is the title song: it plays over the beginning credits and this sure does not seem like a Hammer film in the first few minutes! MOOoon ZEeeRrooooee TWOooooo!!!  A girl sings the remaining song in that carefree fashion that epitomized the swinging sixties. And, actually, not much of this entire film is a reminder of anything having to do with Hammer films. Here is the song, if you want to hear it: MOOoon Zeeroe TWOooooo!
The film is, unfortunately, in my opinion, mostly forgettable and a bit on the slow side. It's advertised as the 'first moon western' but doesn't really come across that way, being mostly a 'missing person on the moon mystery' or a 'murder moon mystery.'  There are some interesting long shots of the moon colony. James Olson, best known for The Andromeda Strain (1971), doesn't make a great central character, lacking charisma.
That said, it is an interesting curiosity after all this time, not fitting neatly into any genre or standard plotline. The only other thing I might point out is that, as some may surmise from the above plot descriptions, the film that closely followed the model of Moon Zero Two's set-up much later was The Adventures of Pluto Nash, starring Eddie Murphy. Remember that one? I don't bash  that box-office disaster but if you're not a fan of that, shall we say, well-known disappointment, do not have your expectations set too high for Moon Zero Two.
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