Ice Pirates (1984)

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Ice Pirates (1984)

Post  BoG on Thu Apr 08, 2010 2:56 pm

ICE PIRATES! Oh, yea-a-a-h-h... I last saw this when this first came out on VHS, which means it was...
25 years ago? Question Shocked Can that be right? No Way! I must've been caught in some time warp or something! Nuts!
Yeah, this has all the STAR WARS derivatives - the spicy princess, the Han Solo-type rogue leader, the clunky robots - but it actually reminded me more of - Starcrash (1979) and Dune (1984). Starcrash because it's kind of an Americanized, slicker, more expensive version of that cheesy, all-over-the-place space adventure and Dune because it has a lot of the same elements - the gross crap and the whole theme of a corrupt royalty vs. the destitute good (sort of) guys. Seeing those royal guys and their knights in outer space was kind of a weird trip. The robots in this one are pretty funny.
The thing is, until I watched this again, I barely remembered any of it (a DVD was released about 4 years ago but - oh, no - another time warp? Question ). I recalled a bit about that automated castration factory (how could I forget it?); I... didn't like that scene very much; not sure why. And I remembered Angelica Huston slicing that guy (I knew of the scene but didn't realize it was in this film until I watched it again); and I remembered some of the time warp stuff near the end. That was it. The rest of the film was like new to me.
So, if you haven't seen this, it's not bad for a first viewing; you kind of wonder what's gonna happen next as the locale changes drastically every 10 minutes or so. And how could I forget the space herpie (space herpes? space herpe?)? Now that was a funny set of scenes; gross but funny. That was a take-off on Alien (1979), I suppose. The funniest scene is when Urich mumbles " herpie.." unintelligibly; good comic acting. When that little thing went across the table at Mary Crosby, I thought for a second that... but no; they wouldn't dare.
Robert Urich was pretty good; he reminded me of a young Burt Reynolds. I wonder why he didn't have a bigger career in films; he did quite well on TV but nothing panned out in theatrical features for him. The rest of the cast is good. BoG's Score: 7 out of 10
In fact, this may be John Matuszak's best role. Also, an early role for Ron Perlman (pre-Beauty and the Beast; way pre-Hellboy). The timing for this film seemed good back then; there were a few space parodies around this time; but I don't think it was a big success. Mel Brooks waited too long for his own comedic take on it all, Spaceballs, which came out about 3 years later. By that time, it was getting kind of old.

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