The Brain Eaters

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The Brain Eaters

Post  BoG on Thu Mar 04, 2010 4:26 pm

A low budget rip-off of Robert Heinlein's The Puppet Masters (which got an official film adaptation in 1994); I think I read somewhere that Heinlein wasn't pleased with this and either sued or threatened to sue. Roger Corman was forced to take his own name off the credits as part of some behind-the-scenes deal. It's that alien invasion tale of parasites from outer space which control human beings (see also the 1st season episode of Star Trek TNG - Conspiracy).

You know a film like this is very low budget when there are a few scenes with narration rather than characters actually speaking, as if the soundtrack was lost or unusable. Ed Nelson stars as the hero scientist. This does have an atypical downbeat ending and the overall tone is surprisingly grim for what should be a cheesy sci-fi tale - once a person is taken over, they are regarded as dead. But, it's mostly dull. BoG's Score: 3 out of 10

Brain Trivia/Star Trek TOS actor alert: Leonard Nimoy (his name is misspelled in the credits) appears in one late scene as some old scientist; he's hidden under old age make-up. One can probably recognize his voice, though.
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