The Love War (1970)

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The Love War (1970)

Post  BoG on Fri Apr 16, 2010 9:20 pm

THE LOVE WAR first aired on 3/10/70. Directed by George McCowan.
stars Lloyd Bridges / Angie Dickinson / with Daniel Travanti

I guess this is a bit sub-par, even by TV-movie standards, but I still find it curiously watchable. I think I did see it when it first aired; it was kind of trippy to these early-teen eyes; the film has an existential vibe to it. About a year ago, I was able to get a rough, smudgy DVD-R version, probably recorded off a muddy TV telecast.

What still throws me a little is how the story manages to weave in the concepts of two intergalactic races, fighting their war on the primitive planet Earth, and present this with no FX and no budget. It's kind of a sci-fi version of THE CHALLENGE TV movie, as well as the Fredric Brown sf story (adapted by Star Trek TOS into their episode Arena). The essence of warfare is stripped down to just a few individuals. If you want to show war cheaply, that's how you do it. Mostly, this just has Lloyd Bridges running around, along with his partner and opponents; they fire their guns, which make this sci-fi noise.

Of course, we'd be giving away the main plot surprise here if I didn't code it. As presented in the story,
Angie Dickinson is just an Earthling bystander at the start of the movie. She meets Bridges on a bus and ends up tagging along with him in his battles. Is it a big surprise when her true identity is revealed? I guess it was when I was a kid. I really liked Angie.
The moral: even highly advanced alien races cheat.  Rolling Eyes  BoG's Score: 5.5 out of 10

Half-a-Minute of LOVE WAR-no sound,sorry; click image above to see Dan Travanti & Lloyd Bridges in action!

War Trivia: special glasses figure into the plot - with these one can see aliens as they really look;
-------------- this concept was copied for John Carpenter's They Live (1988)
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