The Stranger Within (1974)

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The Stranger Within (1974)

Post  BoG on Sun Apr 18, 2010 5:24 pm

stars BARBARA EDEN as a woman pregnant with... what?

I'm pretty sure I saw this when it aired way back in the seventies but, because it was so long ago, I barely remember any of it. The one scene I do recall - and maybe someone can check me on this - is Eden's character coming back to her home in a real messy state after being missing for a day; she had scratched her own face up with her nails. It was sort of disturbing (sort of Question Question ). This seems a straight-up horror effort but has sci-fi overtones.
The TV film was not available on DVD up until recently but the WB Shop now offers it, I believe. Also, if you go to, there are used VHS tapes for sale. Take heed: some of the summaries there give it all away. One poster writes "Without giving too much away, think..." and then names 2 films which give the whole thing away. Jeez, people nowadays... anyone else think that our culture, perhaps due to such info highways as the internet, has rapidly transformed into a babbling gossip civilization of bigmouths - the kind associated only with very bored elderly citizens about 40 years ago? We've all become our grandparents, yet much more rude, clueless & obnoxious (sorry - end of brief rant Mad ).
I did find an entry for this TV film in the book "Television Fright Films of the 1970s" (by David Deal). Other cast members were George Grizzard as the husband, Joyce van Patten, David Doyle as friends and Nehemiah Persoff as the doctor. The book entry was not very kind; for example: " plot feels as if it was dashed off on a cocktail napkin..." Mr. Deal also belittles "the strained motifs" in the film, such as clocks, and the "near-hysterical central performance." Now, the teleplay is by the renowned Richard Matheson, based on his own short story. I guess Deal felt that the director (Lee Philips) and actors messed up the presentation. Twisted Evil
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